Domination, financial domination & luxury  fetish only

domination is NOTan escort service

,Strict rules of safety hygene and etiquette are respected

domination is a mutual trust relationship

Rules &  fetishes /taboos are listed in preferences

Elite domina of traditional high style and integrity, therefore there is no sexual contact

My style is sensual,mental and spiritual.

Tease and denial to build and enjoy the sublime connect

reliability is paramount security safety is vital

safe word is law to respect limits will be adhered to at all times

Tribute is males honour and duty as provider and ptotector it is mans duty and honour to to do so and pleasure and prestige to please his beauty

servitude/Valet is care of his beauty and a delicious part found in the courting dance

nourishing or protecting or pragmatic a man pleasing a woman as humanfurniture is a delight for both >example- high heels on you shoulders as footstool to tease delight under her in his role to support her aswell as decompression for him,

respect shown to woman at all times is what attracts and proves a male to be worthy

respect provide protect reliable and loyal is one of these falters he is not worthy,therefore men must be guided to remain and that is his fullfillment

I am a mentored domina with 12 years experience my style is soft sensual always top style.

I am based in Paris

I speak English dutch and,French

Apply by kik or email to aquire my telephone number to arrange appointment to serve 

Tribute methods  according to my  needs arranged via phone

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