Domination, financial domination\femmedom & luxury  fetish only

Rules &  fetishes /taboos listed in preferences

Elite domina of high style and integrity, therefore there is no sexual contact

My style is sensual,mental and spiritual.

Tease and denial to build and enjoy the sublime connect

Tribute is males honour and duty as provider and pleasure and prestige to please his beauty

servitude/Valet is care of his beauty and a delicious part found in the courting dance

nourishing or protecting or pragmatic a man pleasing a woman as humanfurniture is a delight for both >example- high heels on you shoulders as footstool to tease or goddess in lingerie set and heels stretched out on top of male canape

Apply by email to aquire my watsap or skype to arrange appointment to serve 

Tribute methods  according to my  needs arranged via phone

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