I am elite sublime goddess Lana, exclusive dominatrix/financialdominatrix./. epicurian fetishist of style, the bond between domme and  sub is spiritual and natural.  I  genuinely love the control .My fetish is luxury. stunning superior beauty  tall 171m ,thin 57kilo with tempting curves dcup longlegs ,soft sensual  voice to command , aristocratic porcelin fair skin .darkeyes to compel, mysterious ,gentle yet strict

I as a divinely beautiful and elegant woman am  the reason  men aquire success,i am  status, real men take pride in caring for a exquisite beauty of  refinement style and charm.

As an elegant woman of absolute style education and culture I adore attending the opera and ballet,

fine dining, auctions gala,events,sport events,antiaueing,promenade with shopping and lunch and travel n style

I am available for these ,it is aswell prestigious for you that I accompany you at such events

men are to provide protect and  serve to please and consider yourself lucky to do so,Taking care to provide and support your goddess gives your life and hard work meanning and intelligent men realise this.

financialdomination is a fetish but In fact and never forget that a  males' honour and duty IS to be a provider/protector,  and protect by providing ,it has always been and will remain so. 

wether a domina girlfriend sugarbaby or wife a man is to provide for a woman and concidrr himself fortunate to do so,

I am a true domme,findomme and sapiosexual,which means i am to be  obeyed without any effort on my part ,without me needing to repeat, without  excus  or,question or  hesitation

I am a natural dominate I love the control but gentle and graceful and firm when needed

in truth a true domina as i has no need of ecutriments except for eyes and voice,though i do posess quality items to tempt taunt and keep you on the right path,

.intelligent males know that their obedience is bliss. and males' submissision and love of my strength is my ,nectar ,giving me the wages that you earn for me ,long hours and hard effort all to keep me satisfied,this is yours and mine bliss

you as man are affluent ,ambitious, established and take pride in taking care of a beautiful sexy styleful woman and know the prestige in that,it is your honour and joy to have a beautiful woman to guide and support you to be the best man you can be,

A man has goals and you are encouraged to be firm in reaching them and maintaining them but at the end of the day the honourable intelligent man appreciates and reauires his beautiful softly strong woman to guide and keep him on his honourable productive path

my style is refinement therefore i do not yell or use bad words nor do I allow powerstruggle.

I only grant my valuable time to a gentleman who is dependable!!!

though I am your superior as domina and  male is not to forget his place under the control  of a woman that guides him to be the best  he can be  by keeping the woman secure and happy and doing all  to keep me happy to earn his bliss.,,, Still the domme/sub  bond is  the one of  mutual respect, I respect men who respect me and  know thier position as provider/protector.it is hight  of elevation between both with communication,it is a strong right. traditional and natural bond

I respect my time and yours and you will do the same

you as a established/succesful man with responsibility appreciate and require a srong beautiful woman to relax with and let him be guided softly yet firmly

 I only grant time  and ability to serve me to the intelligent discerning  bcbg,distinguished dependable male subject who requires the best 

I am extremely selective and an intelligent man wants awoman with integrity

I have the right to block and  to choose who i  deem worthy and grant abilty to serve me.I have a full schedule ,efficiency and reliablity is vital, privacy and  safety paramount

My rules  will be firmly adhered to. respect of time is self respect.therfore. i do not have time to write many pages and my  intelligent male subjects understand and relate.

As  predominantly a luxury dominatrix ,tease extraordinaire, i  do incorperate financial fetish and  my other tactile and cerebral  fetishes all to please me and keep me pleased which is your pleasure as male,  they are consicely  listed in my preferences.


you have found a most beautiful styleful woman/ domina of your life , I give your  life meaning ,making your life and work worth while and more pleasure in serving me,belonging to me,spoiling me,assuring my security and happiness

My hypnotic eyes sexy smile  and snap of my finger will put you  my pet in the place you crave with your wages at my feet,i understand your need and that craving to support  me and submit with your wallet , mind and body ,it is your relaxation and thrill.

finance control/wallet rinsing is made into a fetish but infact man is the hunter an instinct that gives a man fulfilment aswell cleansing empowering and satisfying

You have  arousal at giving me what i want and pleasing me i always want more you and  find that you need to give me more.I am your healthy addiction because it is an honour for you to give me what i want and it  makes you a productive real man,a gentleman

a real man respects himself and his woman ,is a provider/protector  that is  faithul and dependable which is part of trust becoming a strong bond

To be in financialenslavement ,to give your  time energy money,credit and all you can  is the most exciting for you In my hands it better utilised, in fact your body and finances belong to me ,your life is improved I am your prestige ,you delight in seeing me in beautiful fabrics  surroundings and sweet neccesites that satisfy me, that you have supplied.

I am the most divine domme/moneydomme and you will submit completly ,resistance is futile,your job is to do as i say,to keep me smiling and draped in luxury.

I know you sit on the edge of your seat yearning to serve a superior goddess.

Prove that you will be a good reliable man/maleslave/paypet as there are many that want to  serve 


Now apply to be my worthy male/slave/esclave/subject either virtual or real on the  contact section , you are to tribute to prove that you are serious and worthy of  My attention